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Running my own design studio has been a life long dream. In my earlier years, I started companies for which I worked as the Creative Director: In2media, now one of Scandinavia’s leading web agencies; and Trunk Archive, today’s premier photographer archive that we recently sold to investors. These very different ventures have taught me a lot about niches, branding and running a business.

In 2008 I decided not to be involved with the daily operations of these companies, and to fully dedicate myself to starting a design agency. I spring loaded the Studio’s start by launching the MILK table, manufactured by Holmris in 2007. It received overwhelming acclaim from both clients and press, so with several full sketchbooks in hand, I jumped into this awesome industry. 

And here I am, 9 years later, living in New York. My team has an incredible skill set within architecture, product design and manufacturing.

We run a flat organization, so if the junior designer has the best idea that’s what we go with. We worship high quality and sustainable materials, and approach our work with both traditional and innovative craftsmanship. This is the makeup and moving force behind Søren Rose Studio.

We proudly have the capacity to provide our interiors clients with any level of service they require. Everything from designing a sink for their existing home to drawing their future home is within our purview. We have the benefit of using these big projects as inspiration to design furniture and products. Much of our furniture starts as limited editions and evolves into commercially viable products, which we then license through leading manufactures.

We would love to hear from you, whoever you are. So please reach out to us with any questions or requests you might have for our studio. 


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Søren Rose



Get a behind-the-scenes view of our Bespoke Furniture & Interiors at @sorenrosestudio


The desks’ lamborghini (MILK table)
— Berlingske (Danish National Newspaper)
Here is the kitchen that looks like a design Furniture (Reflect Kitchen)
— Mad & Bolig, Danish Magazine
The brand new wooden cabinets conceived by the young Dane seem to be an ode to the old masters of Scandinavian design Arne Jacobsen, Børge Mogensen, and Finn Juhl – equally clever, well-designed, and unpretentious (The Reflect Drawer).
— Oak, The Nordic Journal
The MILK table. A beautiful and more clinical height-adjustable table is hard to find.


Søren Rose Studio is a New York based design company focused on residential living.

Product inquires: sales@sorenrose.com

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Søren Rose Studio CPH

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